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Bekky Gill

Bekky Gill

Senior Vet Nurse

You can call me: 

Bekky had always wanted to work with animals since she started working in pet shops at the age of 14. Following her goal Bekky started volunteering in 2012 at companion Animal vets, then got offered a veterinary nurse traineeship which was completed by mid 2013. 

Bekky has always had a keen love for animals, having grown up with many of her own and growing up on her family farm. Bekky has a keen interest in surgical and medical nursing working as part of a great team at CAVH. 

When Bekky isn't at work she enjoys spending time riding & training her horses. Over the years Bekky has become more and more in love with cats. She now owns 3 cats and is passionate about the welfare of cats. Bekky is our cat advocate and takes this role very seriously, always ensuring that the cats under our care our looked after in accordance with our cat-friendly accreditation.

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