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Is chocolate your poison of choice? Don't make it your pet's!

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No chocolate for dogs

Easter is that time of year when there is alot of chocolate around. While chocolate is yummy and has alot of positives there are 2 things that are bad about chocolate:

  1. It makes you fat
  2. It is poisonous to dogs and cats

I can't do anything about the first problem for you but I can help you with the second issue. 

How does chocolate poison dogs and cats?

Chocolate contains theobromine which acts as a nervous system stimulant in dogs and cats. Whether or not they are affected depends on:

  1. their body weight
  2. the type of chocolate or even cocoa they consume and
  3. the amount they consume 

What contains theobromine and can poison your pets?

  • White chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Instant hot chocolate powder
  • cocoa beans
  • coffee beans

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning

If they are affected by it they become agitated and anxious and can even have seizures or fits. 


  • Don't feed your dog or cat chocolate or cocoa products
  • Don't leave easter eggs laying around where your pets can get them
  • If your pet does eat chocolate contact us on 42 619 838

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