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Greyhounds need your help

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Following the NSW government's announcement of their decision to close down the greyhound industry in NSW, we have been inundated with retired greyhounds looking for a second chance.

Without your help these greyhounds have a bleak future

It is our aim along, with our friends at Wollongong Animal Rescue Network (WARN), to save as many of these dogs as we can and find them a loving home. 

Don't let their muzzles fool you, greyhounds make great pets, are not by nature aggressive and despite being a large dog do not require a large yard. They love nothing more than laying around on the lounge doing nothing. They are gentle and quiet. 

What happens when a greyhound comes into care?

The greyhounds that come into our care first have there veterinary work completed by us, to get there health up to scratch and make sure they are ready to transition to the life of a companion. They are desexed, wormed, treated for fleas and ticks, heartworm tested and given a yearly proheart injection. 

Once they have their vet work completed they have an initial behavioural assessment and are then placed into foster care with WARN where they are conditioned and adjust to normal life.

As soon as we can we get them started on the Greenhounds program. This program requires a workbook to kept for 6 weeks to monitor progress on things like the dog’s ability with stairs, “household” noises, other animals, etc.

The assessment is completed by Jacqui from The Dog Project and looks for ‘normal’ dog behaviour. They’re not expected to be ‘bomb proof’, but what they’re really looking for is any high level of prey drive (most dogs can distinguish a white fluffy dog from a racing lure but some can’t) &/or reactivity to anything ‘normal’ life throws at them.

If they pass the assessment then they earn a ‘greenhound’ collar & can be muzzle-free when out & about.

So what can I do to help?

There are many greyhounds needing your help right now and this need is going to increase in the future as the industry is closed down.

There are 3 main ways you can help:

  1. Donate to WARN (it's tax deductible) to help rehome as many Greyhounds as we can and save them from a death sentence.
  2. Become a foster carer with WARN and help to provide temporary shelter to a Greyhound in need
  3. Adopt a greyhound, bring a big bundle of love into your family. Have a look on WARN's petrescue listings for available dogs

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