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What is in a Cat's Vaccination?

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a tortoishell cat in an opened carrier having a vaccination

In some way it would be great to wrap our pets in cotton wool to stop them getting hurt or sick. In my experience, there a few animal that this would be more difficult do with than a cat. Since bundling them up (not to mention herding them away from danger) is not really practical, we have to rely on other disease prevention strategies and the cornerstone of these is vaccination.

What is in a Dog's Vaccination?

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C5 vaccination in a syringe and needle with the words: what's in a vaccination

Vaccination is at the heart of disease prevention in dogs. We at CAVH recommend for most dogs, that they receive a C5 vaccination, to best protect them from preventable diseases in our area. While most people are aware of the Parvo component of our vaccinations, many people don't know what other diseases their dogs are covered for.

What's in a C5 vaccination?

The 5 in “C5” refers to the 5 different components of the vaccine, each one covering for a different cause of disease.

Product Review: Bravecto, a long lasting chew for fleas and ticks

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bravecto chew


It's an exciting time in the world of parasite control at the moment. First we had a new novel compound available to treat fleas and ticks for a month. Now we have Bravecto, a chew that will kills fleas for 3 months and ticks for 4 months. Controlling fleas and ticks just keeps getting better!

Bravecto is ideal for fitting in with your three monthly worming dose and can be given with other medications such as worming tablets without any issues.

10 Tips regarding ticks in dogs & cats

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tick embedded in cat skin
  1. Check for ticks every day regardless of whether you use a prevention or not.
  2. Feel for the tick, don't just look. You’ll feel them before you see them.
  3. Frontline Plus needs to be applied every 2 weeks to control paralysis ticks.
  4. There is a new tick collar for dogs we have available that doesn't smell!
  5. In cats you need to use frontline spray every 3 weeks, the spot-ons don’t work for ticks in cats.
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