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Socialisation of puppies, what's the point?

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ryan cuddling a fluffy puppy

What is socialisation?

Socialisation in puppies is when the puppy learns to get along with other pups, people and other species of animal which they are likely to come in contact with later in life.

They don't neccessarily need to be best friends with these animals. A socialised pup might learn how to avoid getting scratched by a cat by leaving it alone and giving it space for example. 

This video is the ultimate in socialisation between 2 different species:

Social dog walk & coffee

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People heading off on the walk

Join us this Saturday the 14th June 2014 at 4pm for a walk out to Kanahooka point and back. 

This is purely a social outing and anyone is welcome to attend. Feel free to bring a friend!! 

Our last walk was a great success and we all had a really great afternoon. It's a fun but relaxing afternoon hanging out with other people that love dogs too!

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