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What is in a Dog's Vaccination?

C5 vaccination in a syringe and needle with the words: what's in a vaccination

Vaccination is at the heart of disease prevention in dogs. We at CAVH recommend for most dogs, that they receive a C5 vaccination, to best protect them from preventable diseases in our area. While most people are aware of the Parvo component of our vaccinations, many people don't know what other diseases their dogs are covered for.

What's in a C5 vaccination?

The 5 in “C5” refers to the 5 different components of the vaccine, each one covering for a different cause of disease.

Is my dog at risk of getting canine cough?

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Sick dog with a cough

People often believe that their dog is not at risk from getting canine cough because their dog "never leaves the yard". The opposite is actually true. The vast majority of dogs I see with canine cough are in this exact situation ie. they have little to no contact with other dogs.

What is canine cough?

Canine cough is an infectious disease of dogs which is also known as kennel cough, or infectious tracheobronchitis. We no longer call it kennel cough because dogs don't need direct contact with other dogs to get it.

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