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So it’s summer and she’s itchy again…

A green cartoon dog scratching with a caption- scratching again?

Itchy dogs are a very common cause of both vet visits and owner frustration.

Unfortunately,  there are a large variety of reasons a dog will scratch. In addition, they often occur together. This makes finding the cause and stopping the scratching a challenge.

Some causes can be found with simple tests, however others may require a more involved investigation.

Having said that though, the bulk of our patients fall into 2 main categories -

Why does the ear infection keep coming back?

Stephen examine a dog's ear with an otoscope

Inflamed, painful and infected ears are a common problem for many dogs. While the long, thin and bent ear canal contributes to the problem, not every dog is affected.

The difference between a normal ear canal and and inflamed one is often a "trigger" that tips the scales allowing inflammation and infection to take hold. While there can be many triggers, in the Wollongong area the most common triggers are allergens:

You don't need to see fleas to have a flea problem

Matt Young's picture
Dog with flea allergy dermatitis

Why is my dog scratching? I've already treated it for fleas so it can't be fleas that are causing it.

This is a question I get all the time. Flea control is always important especially if you have an itchy dog but just because there are not alot of fleas present doesn't mean that fleas are not the underlying cause of your dog's itch.

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