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Treating Arthritic Pain

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Limping Means Pain

Arthritis is a painful condition

Sure your dog is not howling in pain but dogs aren’t like that. They might be wagging their tails looking to you for attention but that doesn’t mean they are not in pain. 

Make no mistake about it, If your dog limps or is stiff when they get up they are in pain!

Because dogs walk on 4 limbs not 2 it takes a lot more pain for them to limp than it does for us to limp. By the time they become lame they are at a much advanced level of degeneration than us weak 2-legged animals. 

Living with Arthritis: your Vet, your Pet and You.

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It’s winter, and that’s the worst time for aches, pains and twinges.

Think of arthritis as an incurable, chronic disease.   But, rather than accepting nothing can be done, it means that it’s up to you to make your friend as healthy, happy, and comfortable as possible with the joints that nature, nurture and time have dealt them.

It basically breaks down to a three pronged attack:

  1. how you can make your pet better equipped to live with arthritis
  2. what you, directly, can do to make the disease easier, and
  3. how we, the vets, can help support you both in making life better.
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