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Is your garden poisonous?

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A brunsfelsia shrub

Last week I had a dog called Josie come in because she was tremoring all over and appeared very agitated and distressed. She was very close to seizuring now but had been fine earlier in the evening.

I gave her some medication to make her vomit and along with some bits of plastic bag (she had also got into a nappy earlier in the day, so yes he was a garbage guts) there was some small pieces of plant material and very small seeds.

Pretty plant but it's toxic- Brunfelsia (aka Yesterday- Today- Tomorrow)

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brunsflesia bonodora flowers

Do You have this plant in your yard?

brunfelsia flowers with purple shades and white flowers

This is a species of Brunfelsia which goes by the common name of Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow.

While Driving around Dapto I have noticed that more and more people have this plant it their yard. It has beautiful purple flowers that then change to white. There are lots of varieties which vary in their shape and height but there is one thing they all share in common- they are toxic to dogs.

How do the dogs get poisoned

For some reason dogs like to eat this plant. They will eat the leaves, branches, cuttings, flowers and seeds. When they ingest it they develop diarrhoea, salivation and neuroloical changes such as twitching, seizures and this can in some cases lead to death.

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