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Ringworm - not a worm, not often a ring- Just a bad name really!

4 kittens with ringworm

Diseases have been around for a long time, longer even than microscopes and genetic testing. This has resulted in a number of names for illnesses that are not very helpful, some can be even misleading.

Misleading Names

‘Cat flu’, for example, is actually a number of different viruses and bacteria (none of them influenzas) that can cause similar symptoms in cats.

‘Kennel Cough’ is much the same in dogs and not many dogs that get it have actually been in kennels.

So it’s summer and she’s itchy again…

A green cartoon dog scratching with a caption- scratching again?

Itchy dogs are a very common cause of both vet visits and owner frustration.

Unfortunately,  there are a large variety of reasons a dog will scratch. In addition, they often occur together. This makes finding the cause and stopping the scratching a challenge.

Some causes can be found with simple tests, however others may require a more involved investigation.

Having said that though, the bulk of our patients fall into 2 main categories -

Rabbit dandruff

Matt Young's picture
A black and white lop ear rabbit with dandruff

The most common cause of dandruff in rabbits is fur mites also known as walking dandruff or Cheylettiella. 

The cause

This is caused by mites which live in the fur of the animal. The mites cause itchiness and irritate the skin which then starts to produce dandruff. Sometimes clumps of hair will fall out or be pulled out due to irritation.

dandruff and red skin on a rabbit's skin

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