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Kyle Dropulic

Vet Nurse in Training

You can call me: 

Kyle is a Veterinary nurse in training, he is currently completing his certificate 3 and hopes to continue training for a diploma in vet nursing.

Kyle started his certificate 3 in February 2019, at 18 he decided he wanted to work in the animal industry and learn all there is in vet nursing, Kyle’s passion for animal care started when he was 10, he grew up with animals for most of his life and plans to spend the rest of it in animal care.

Kyle spends most of his time studying or gaming, he cares for three cats, Rex, Lilly and Layla who do their best to interrupt Kyle when they’re hungry, Kyle also cares for a large X breed dog named Jackson who has reached 18 years old.

Kyle hopes to continue working with the CAVH family as he continues his certification as a vet nurse

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