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Lachlan Gill

Lachlan Gill

Veterinary Nurse

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Lachlan was a trainee vet nurse who started in September 2013. He completed his certificate II in Animal Studies in late June 2013.Lachlan started as a volunteer as part of his veterinary nursing TAFE course and was excited to hear he had been offered a traineeship. He completed his traineeship in December 2014 and is now a fully qualified veterinary nurse and a permanent member of the CAVH family.

Lachlan had always wanted to work in the animal industry. He started in the industry at 16 working at a dog day care center and happily worked there for 13 months. This meant supervising the dogs, keeping them all under control, as well as taking pick ups and drop-offs. It was Lachlan's job to remember all their names and learn about all of their different behaviours.

Lachlan has been around and had grown up with animals all his life, including fish, sheep, horses, dogs, birds, reptiles and even a couple yabbies when he was younger! At the moment Lachlan is caring for three blue tongue lizards; two rescued after they had been injured in the wild as well as one he had cared for since she was just a few weeks old. 

Lachlan also has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Joey that he has brought up since a pup and loves taking him for walks and going to the beach, as well as training him in obedience (and hopefully agility in the future) at the local dog training club.

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