Tahnee Doodeman | Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital

Tahnee Doodeman

Vet Nurse

You can call me: 

Tahnee was born and raised in Wollongong and has always had a love for animals. There wasn’t a time where she wasn’t surrounded by her own family pets, ranging from cats to dogs, to lizards. It was from a very young age that Tahnee and everyone around her knew she was meant to be helping animals for the rest of her life!

Steve Irwin was a massive influence on Tahnee’s love and appreciation for all kinds of animals, and as a result she is constantly expanding her knowledge and learning new things.

At home Tahnee currently has a rescue greyhound named Archie, two kelpies named Luna and PJ, 7 cats named Choc Chip, Athena, Godric, Bellatrix, Nova, Scarlette and Prudence. Tahnee and her family also foster cats through Animal Welfare League.

When Tahnee isn’t at work you will find her engaging in the many wonders of the art world, she loves photography, painting and drawing. Tahnee also loves riding her motorbike. When you meet Tahnee, ask her about Choc Chip!

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