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How to stop your dog pulling on the lead- Companion Animal Vets

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This video was recorded live as part of our weekly #askthevetlive series on Fridays at Companion Animal Vets in Dapto

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anxiety in Dogs

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cute dog peeking from behind a gate and sticking their head out a hole and licking their lips

There’s alot of perceived stigma about using medications to treat anxiety in dogs but this is a real disease that causes suffering if not treated appropriately. Here’s why in this case drugs are good....

Generalised anxiety is a common problem in dogs. If left untreated it can result in:

Pigs Flying and Grass Eating Dogs

2 dachshund dogs with their heads buried into grass as they eat it

Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Flying pigs might be something of a concern but despite what Facebook says, I haven't seen any. Grass eating dogs on the other hand, are more common than fake news.

Now some people might think the reason I see a lot of grass eating dogs is that I see a lot of sick dogs - which is true, BUT, I also see a lot of healthy dogs that also eat grass.

“Why is it so?”

said a famous TV science guy and the truth is: we don’t know!

Dog Talk - Get Chatty

girl with a husky puppy, they're both laying on the floor facing each other

People have communicated with dogs for thousands of years. Recent studies have shown that even puppies are better able than adult wolves, to follow human hand gestures. Indeed, dogs are thought to be the most sensitive species to human communication. This trait is possibly why dogs were domesticated in the first place and also why they have integrated into our societies so well. Despite this rich history of interspecies to and fro, people and dogs still often run into issues trying to get their messages across.

Cat Exercise - not an oxymoron

A cat looking stunned with the message "Exercise- you've go to be joking

Cats, Exercise- The two words are not often seen together, however exercise is important to your cat for a number of reasons.

Cats have not changed much in the 10,000 or so years since their domestication started. Until recently, they were roaming the countryside earning a living. For example, a scottish wild cat can have a territory of up to 40 square kilometers to patrol!

As well as food and exercise, this activity provides another essential component to cat welfare - mental stimulation.

Will desexing calm my dog?

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down laying on it's back on fake grass with it's hands over it's ears and eyes shut

There are lots of good reasons to desex your dog but this is not one of them. 

Can desexing change my dog's behaviour?

Yes, but it doesn't really have a very significant effect. When dogs are castrated, neutered or speyed the reproductive organs are removed and this causes a reduction in testosterone for the males and oestrogen in the females. Removal of these hormones can effect behaviour and in particular removal of testosterone can reduce the degree of aggression towards other dogs.

Bringing Baby Home

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newborn baby with dog in background guarding

We all know that having a baby will mean big changes to a household. However, don't forget the effect it will have on the 4 legged members of the family! 

Planning for change

Dogs and cats like routine and often don't cope well with change. There are many things that can be done to decrease the effect of this change and make the transition easier and safer for all members of the family.  
The most important thing is to plan ahead (if possible).

Think about the changes that are going to occur in your pets life:

Socialisation of puppies, what's the point?

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ryan cuddling a fluffy puppy

What is socialisation?

Socialisation in puppies is when the puppy learns to get along with other pups, people and other species of animal which they are likely to come in contact with later in life.

They don't neccessarily need to be best friends with these animals. A socialised pup might learn how to avoid getting scratched by a cat by leaving it alone and giving it space for example. 

This video is the ultimate in socialisation between 2 different species:

Cat fights- keeping the claws from coming out

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Cats play fighting

Cat fights- we've all heard them:

  • That horrible yowling in the front yard at 3am. 
  • The hissing and screaming as they dig their claws and teeth into each other
  • The dogs barking because they hear it all too!

Cat fights are not just a problem for us, they are a big problem for the cats involved. As far as armory goes cats are pretty well equipped- sharp claws, sharp teeth capable of penetrating flesh and unreal flexibility make them a mean fighting machine. If you're the weaker cat, you're in trouble!


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