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Bushfire Preparation for Animals

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Pets are part of your family and should form part of your overall Bush Fire Survival Plan.

Bushfires are stressful for you and your animals and you’ll have enough to do without having to worry about your animals. Therefore, in general it’s better to relocate your animals early.

Identification of your animals is important. Make sure you have stored remotely a photo of them and their microchip details in case they need to be identified or escape.

Planning to Evacuate

Prepare your pet’s bushfire survival kit:

  • Food
  • Water and towels to cover cages
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Leads
  • Cages / crate / bedding
  • If your pet is on long-term medication their medication
  • Make sure their vaccinations are up to date and have a record of their vaccination
  • If your pet is insured their insurance details
  • A water sprayer to cool small animals

Shelter in place

  • Put your animal in the safest part of the house, the laundry would probably work best as it has an exit.
  • Cats and other small animals need to be placed in a cage.
  • Cover the cage in a damp towel to protect from radiant heat and reduce smoke inhalation.
  • Give dogs a wet towel to lay on.
  • Your animal should be naked. Collars should leather as nylon collars will melt.
  • Horses and livestock should be placed in a paddock that has been heavily grazed or ploughed and preferably is protected from the wind.

**After the firefront passes remember that feet are vulnerable to burns and the ground will be hot: do not allow your dog to walk on the ground.

For more information download the RFS Fire Safety For Your Pets Fact Sheet. A copy of the information on this page can be downloaded for printing below

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