Your Cat's Home Away from Home

What is the Companion Cat Hotel?

A: The Companion Cat Hotel is a unique boarding facility built specifically with cats in mind. We ensure that your cat has a comfortable, secure, and calm stay while you're away, thanks to our experienced team, stress-free handling techniques, and cat-friendly accommodations. We provide individual care and attention to every feline guest.

What is the Companion Cat Hotel's approach to handling cats?

A: We pride ourselves on our gentle, stress-free handling approach. Our team uses calm voices, slow movements, treats, and positive reinforcement to ensure your cat's comfort. We avoid direct eye contact which can be perceived as threatening, and allow your cat to familiarise themselves with our staff and surroundings at their own pace.

How does the Companion Cat Hotel ensure a comfortable environment for my cat?

A: We invest in creating a tranquil environment that includes soft lighting, calming music, and comfortable bedding. Our facility also features cat-friendly equipment like scratching posts and hiding spots, which foster a sense of familiarity and coziness for our guests.

What is the significance of the Gold Level Cat Friendly Accreditation that the Companion Cat Hotel has earned?

A: The Gold Level Cat Friendly Accreditation, awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), recognises our commitment to providing exceptional care in a comfortable, cat-centric environment. This includes a deep understanding of feline-specific needs, a dedicated cat-only area, use of feline-friendly equipment, strict hygiene practices, and provision of enrichment activities.

Can the Companion Cat Hotel cater to my cat's special needs?

A: Yes, we’re more than happy to accommodate your cat's special requirements, including administering medications, following special diets, or providing their favourite toys, beds, or cushions.

What amenities does the Companion Cat Hotel offer to its guests?

A: Our guests enjoy warm, homely accommodations with stress minimization features like relaxation pheromones, hiding spaces, and calming music. We offer both single and double rooms, daily room service, and care from our Accredited Cat-Friendly Veterinary Team. Accessibility options are also available for aged cats.

What are the conditions of entry to the Companion Cat Hotel?

A: Your cat must have:

  • completed a full course of F3 vaccinations within the last 12 months
  • be desexed
  • be fully up to date with flea, tick, and worming treatments. 
  • A non-refundable holding deposit of $50 is required during school holidays, and all fees must be paid in full at check-in.

What should I bring for my cat's stay at the Companion Cat Hotel?

Please bring:

  • a safe and secure carry cage
  • any special dietary requirements
  • any medications your cat is currently taking. 

We provide dry food for healthy cats.

How can I book a room at the Companion Cat Hotel for my cat?

A: To book a room, you can call us at 42 619 838 or complete the form below.

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If it is within 2 days or if you need emergency accomodation please call us on 42 619 838.

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Medication administration is $15 per day. Please bring along your medication when you check-in

To protect your cat  as well as the other cat's in the hotel your cat needs to be current with their vaccination for at least 2 weeks prior to their check-in.


If your cat has been vaccinated at somewhere other than Companion Animal Vets we will need evidence of their vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to their check-in.

Please either:

  1. upload a copy of your certificate here or
  2. reply to the email you will receive when you complete this form and attach it to that email
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