We are an ISFM accredited gold level Cat Friendly Clinic. This means we have designed our facilities & procedures and trained ourselves in the specific needs of cats to minimise their stress.

Stress-Free Environment

Our clinic has been designed to reduce stress for cats. This includes:

  • separate waiting areas for cats
  • separate consulting area for cats away from the dogs
  • separate hospital facilities for cats including hospital cages and isolation area
  • feline-friendly hospitalisation cages- plenty of space with hiding places and speperate toileting and feeding areas
  •  gentle feline handling techniques to keep them calm- no scruffing!

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As a Gold-Level Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, our focus is on providing the highest standard of care and comfort for your feline friends. We've designed our clinic with your cat's needs in mind, ensuring a stress-free environment from the moment they enter. Our team, trained in feline-friendly handling techniques, understands the unique needs of cats, offering personalized and compassionate care. We're committed to continuously improving our knowledge and services in feline medicine. Visit us to experience a truly cat-friendly environment where your pet's well-being is our top priority.