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Payment Plans

A common question we get is: Do You have Payment Plans?

Do You have Payment Plans?

Veterinary treatment can be expensive and is often unexpected. In order to make it easier for you we provide several payment options

It can be a stressful time when your pet is unwell, especially when the bill hits! It is not unusual for bills to run into thousands of dollars and sometimes it can be hard to come up with this money straight away upfront. In order to assist you with this we try and offer a wide range of payment options:

Payment Plan Options

We accept: EFTPOS Visa Mastercard American Express Quick and easy cashless payments the way you prefer: paywave, insert or swipe.  There is:
Buy now and pay later online and in-store No upfront payments. No hidden fees All you need to do is to setup an account with zippay and we can then...
VetPay is specifically designed to help you pay for veterinary expenses without the worry of high upfront costs. Start your pet’s treatment now and...

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