Helping make veterinary care affordable

We know that your pet is more than just an animal, they are a beloved member of your family and we will treat them as such.

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Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, Dapto offers a variety of payment plan options to help make veterinary care more affordable for our clients. We understand that unexpected veterinary expenses can be difficult to manage, and we want to help make your pet's care as affordable as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the best care for your beloved pet and your family. We know that your pet is more than just an animal, they are a beloved member of your family and we will treat them as such.

GapOnly Pet Insurance

GapOnly Pet Insurance

Visit the vet, claim while you wait, and only pay the gap!

We recommend and accept many pet insurance plans, which can help cover the cost of your pet's treatment. Additionally, we offer GapOnly as an option that allows you to only pay the gap between what your pet insurance covers and the cost of your pet's treatment. You can find more information and compare insurance plans at Canstar and find out more about GapOnly

Trupanion Pet Insurance


As a Trupanion partnered veterinary hospital we can use a Vet Direct Pay process for your pet’s treatment. This allows us to get paid directly by Trupanion at the time of check-out, eliminating the wait for reimbursement. You simply pay your portion and go.

If you don't have pet insurance yet we can send you an exam day offer when we see your pet. An exam day offer from Trupanion allows a pet parent to begin new Trupanion coverage, with no waiting period, immediately following an exam.

Vetpay Keepiung Veterinary Care Affordable


VetPay is Committed to supporting the integrity and ethics of the Veterinary Industry by partnering with Veterinarian Practices to offer a flexible payment plan to ensure the optimum level of health for all animals, while also encouraging responsible pet ownership within Australia.



Buy now, pay in four instalments over 6 weeks, and never pay interest.



Zip now, pay later.

Pay in 4. Interest free.

Additional Options

We offer a pre-pay option where you can pay money on your account prior to getting a procedure, this way you build up sufficient funds to pay for your pet's treatment

pay by cash or card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and American Express credit cards, debit cards and cash. There is no surcharge on any cards

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