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A lumpy mattress can actually be comfortable!

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Snooza orthobed

A good night's sleep can make all the difference. A bad night of sleep can make things 10 times worse!

The type of bedding your dog has can make a big difference to their arthritic joints. Bedding:

  1. keeps your dog warm
  2. reduces pressure on their skin
  3. can conform to the body and assist with taking the pressure off painful joints

If you have a well behaved dog that will not chew up their bedding you're in luck! The choice is easy for you. Your dog needs an egg shell cup foam bed. This is lumpy foam which has a pattern like an egg carton. There are many dog beds that can be purchased with this foam in it now or you can buy the foam from Clark Rubber and make it yourself. The foam conforms to the shape of your dog and really relieves pressure on the joints.

If your unlucky enough to have dogs silly enough to chew up bedding or pull it out of their kennel (My dogs love getting new bedding to rip up- it's so much fun!) then I do not recommend using foam bedding. Instead you can use a combination of blankets or old towels and use a PVC tubular rubber matting underneath the blankets. The rubber matting still provides them with some cushioning and warmth but is harder to chew up and get out of the kennel. This PVC tubular matting available from matshop.com.au is what I mean. I like it because it's soft, warm and very durable. I've had the mats my dogs have now for about 20 years or more. 

Carpet off cuts can also make a very economical and practical choice for dogs that chew bedding. 

The picture in this post is of a Snooza Orthobed. This is the type of bed I recommend if you have a well behaved dog and if you are interested we can order one in for you.

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