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New product review: Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

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oravet dental chews packaging

Oravet Dental Hygeine Chews are a daily chew that your dog can enjoy chewing on. 

There are broadly 2 ways of preventing periodontal disease:

  1. mechanical cleaning (eg. using a toothbrush)
  2. chemically cleaning (eg. toothpaste to reduce plaque formation)

Oravet chews offer both of these methods. By doing these they are better than other treats such as greenies which rely on mechanical cleaning only. 

They come in a box which contains individually sealed chews. The idea is to give 1 chew each day. 

The chews are kind of rubbery and can bend and flex. It is compressable so that the teeth can push into it and get scraped clean. 

This is my dog Elmo chewing one- it only took him 30 seconds to eat it but in that time he chews it around 70 times. That's pretty good because it would normal take hime 30 seconds to eat a whole bowl of food with no chewing:

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