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Tips to keep your arthritic dog warm during winter

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Dogs in coats

Cold joints get stiff and sore. If your dog has arthritis it tends to worse over winter when it's cold. By keeping your dog warm you can help to alleviate some of the pain of arthritis. 

  • For short haired coated dogs or outside dogs put a coat on them
  • Move outdoor dogs inside. If you can't have them inside consider:
    • Putting them in a shed
    • using the laundry
    • how about the garage? or
    • could you just bring them inside at night when it's really cold?
  • Insulate their kennel
  • Provide lots of bedding and make it soft. 
  • If your dog drags bedding out of the kennel, put the bedding down just before you go to bed and get it out (or collect it from the middle of the lawn ;-) ) just after you get up in the morning

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