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Kate Nield BVetBiol/DVM

Kate Nield

Family Vet

You can call me: 

Kate has always had a passion for animals, having grown up alongside a great array of them including many cats and dogs, birds, fish, goats, chickens, sheep, and a few lizards and snakes. She started life in the Hawkesbury region of Western Sydney and has recently moved to Gerringong to experience life on the beach, which she is loving! She lives with her partner, Jackson, who is also a vet, and her two recently adopted kittens, who spend their days digging up all of her pot plants.

Kate is a recent graduate, and she has quickly come to love working with all the wonderful people and the love for their animals she gets to see every day. It’s been incredibly rewarding seeing how bonded people are with their pets.

When she’s not working, Kate is either reading, exploring this lovely area on nature walks, or practicing yoga in the lounge room with her cats.

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