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Mummy Cat

Mummy Cat

Front Desk Warden

You can call me: 

Mummy Cat got her name as she was originally brought to us at the same time we had a litter of foster kittens. All the kittens were adopted out (Except for Darth) and Mummy Cat was left with us. Despite her attitude, we all fell in love with her and she had to stay. Mummy has been here on the front desk ever since!

When off duty her favourite things to do are, harass innocent by-standing dogs, sleep and sleep some more. You will either find her on the front desk or on one of "her" couch chairs at reception. She specialises in walking over the computer keyboards and google searching world domination. Occasionally she will come for a sneaky cuddle but don't be fooled! Mummy Cat is all gums and no teeth yet will forever chase any dog who looks at her the wrong way.

Mummy Cat looks forward to "meeting" your fur babies soon!

We love you Mummy Cat

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