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Puppy Training & Socialisation

Socialisation while your pup is young is critical to ensuring they fit into your family environment and feel confident to deal with challenges throughout their life.

Do you want to avoid:

puppies socialising at puppy preschool

  • anxiety disorders such as thunderstorm phobia?
  • aggression towards other dogs?
  • barking problems?
  • biting problems?

Socialisation of your pup at puppy preschool is the best place to start.

Do you need help with following:

  • Toilet training?
  • Stopping your puppy from biting?
  • Stopping your puppy jumping up on you or your kids?
  • Knowing what to feed and how to feed your puppy?
  • Are you confused with what you need to do to keep your puppy healthy?

Well puppy preschool is definitely right for you. You'll learn this and much, much more

What is Puppy Preschool?

puppies at puppy preschool

Puppy preschool is a five-week course that helps with initial training and socialisation of your puppy in a safe environment.

Positive rewards based training methods are used to give you the ability to do the basic things that everyone needs to be able to get their dogs to do: sit on command, walk on a lead and interact safely with other dogs and people.

Your pup will learn:

puppy preschool graduate

  • To sit on command & start to learn how to walk on lead
  • To interact safely and enjoyably with other puppies
  • To interact safely and enjoyably with other people
  • That coming to the vets can be fun!!!

You will learn:

  • How to care for & train your puppy
  • How & what to feed your puppy
  • The best ways to interact with your puppy
  • and lots more

Our classes are run by qualified dog trainers from The Dog Project

We only use positive, rewards based training using the latest training techniques. 

Puppy preschool graduate

What do you include:

  • Puppy preschool is a 5 week course 
  • 5 x 1 hour evening sessions (1st week is puppy-free)
  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 pups to ensure you and your dog receive the attention you deserve
  • Graduation Certificate

Where and When?

Classes are run at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday nights (occasionally Thursday nights)


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  • Your puppy is healthy

  • Your pup has had at least their first vaccination

  • Your pup is between 8 and 16 weeks of age at the first class


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