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Samantha Elliott BVSc

Samantha Elliott

Family Vet

You can call me: 

Sam grew up down this way, in Kiama, and now she lives locally in Dapto. She lives with my boyfriend who's name is also Sam! Sam moved back here from Sydney to be back closer to family and where she grew up.

Sam has three pets that live with her. She has a bunny rabbit named Presley. Presley was adopted a few years ago, and he's very cheeky. He likes to get into the fridge when you open it and look for treats all over the house. She also has a dog and his name is Louie. He's a young dog and he's a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. He's also very cheeky, also always looking for treats. Since coming to Companion Animal Vets Sam has also adopted a kitten called Frida Kahlo. Luckily thay all get along pretty well.

Sam likes to go snowboarding in winter and likes to go travelling and camping. In summer she likes to go to the beach and take the dog for a walk, so you might catch her there!

When aked what she enjoys about bing a vet Sam answered "I really like it when we discharge animals and their owners come to see them and their feeling better and they're just so happy to see their owner and vice versa. So its really that human animal bond that I really love to see And in particular working at this job, I really like working with all the great nurses that we have here."

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