Amanda Brigham is the welcoming face at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital (CAVH) as the Customer Service Representative. Prior to joining the veterinary field, Amanda honed her customer service skills for 25 years with a local supermarket chain. Seeking a new challenge and with her three children grown up, she embarked on a new journey in veterinary care, with CAVH marking her introduction to the field over two years ago.

Amanda’s curiosity and interest in veterinary medicine are evident, particularly in her fascination with the various surgeries performed by the vets, especially the less common ones. This interest shows her desire to continually learn and understand more about the veterinary world.

One of the aspects Amanda loves most about her job is the opportunity to greet and watch the growth of various pets. She also finds observing surgeries (when possible) particularly intriguing, adding to her understanding and appreciation of veterinary science.

At home, Amanda’s love for animals is mirrored by her 6-year-old Maltese terrier, Baxter. A playful and energetic dog, Baxter was a Christmas present for her family and continues to bring joy and liveliness into their lives.

Outside of work, Amanda is a beach lover who cherishes the sunshine and quality time with her family. Her hobbies and interests reflect her love for outdoor activities and family-oriented pursuits.

A Dapto local, Amanda’s connection to the community runs deep. She grew up in the area and attended local schools, making her a familiar and relatable presence to many visiting CAVH.

A fun and festive fact about Amanda? She adores decorating her house for Christmas, showcasing her creative and celebratory spirit.

Amanda Brigham’s blend of customer service expertise, love for animals, community ties, and festive enthusiasm make her an invaluable and endearing member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Amanda Brigham