Photography from the University of Wollongong, and an ongoing Master's in Primary Education specialising in STEM from Western Sydney University, Bec brings a unique skill set to the team. Her experience in retail and education, combined with her role at CAVH since January 2022, showcases her adaptability and eagerness to learn.

Though not formally trained in veterinary practice, Bec's interest in the field is evident through her enthusiasm for learning on the job and observing surgeries. Her non-veterinary interests are equally diverse, spanning arts, robotics, and coding.

Bec’s favourite aspects of her job include the social interactions with clients and witnessing the recovery of pets. She values the opportunity to build friendships with CAVH’s clients and finds joy in seeing pets regain their health and happiness.

At home, Bec's love for animals extends to her two horses, Mac and Serena, and her Border Collie, Augie. Her connection with these pets enriches her life and provides a deeper understanding of the bond between pets and their owners.

Outside of work, Bec indulges in her hobbies, which include spending quality time with her pets, reading, and enjoying musical theatre productions. Her interest in building robots and coding reflects her creative and innovative spirit.

Bec's decision to join CAVH stemmed from a desire to blend her customer service expertise with her love for animals. Working at CAVH also allows her to engage with the local community, further enriching her experience.

A fun fact about Bec? Her talents extend to building robots and coding, showcasing her technical acumen and creative problem-solving skills.

Bec's combination of diverse educational background, love for animals, community engagement, and unique hobbies make her a valuable and multifaceted member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Bec Anderson