Melissa Beardmore is a seasoned Associate Veterinary Surgeon at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital (CAVH), bringing a remarkable 30 years of experience in veterinary care, including 25 years in small animal practice. She is a proud alumnus of the University of Sydney, where she earned her BVSc with honors.

Melissa's main interest lies in soft tissue surgery, but her passion extends beyond the operating room. She is deeply committed to supporting and maintaining the human-animal bond throughout the entire lifecycle of pets, from their joyful beginnings to the challenging farewells.

What Melissa loves most about her job is working with a team of like-minded and remarkable individuals and advocating for pets at all stages of their lives.

Her personal life mirrors her professional dedication to animals. Melissa's family includes 2 dogs and 2 rescue cats from her previous workplace in Wodonga - a large ginger cat and a petite tuxedo cat. Interestingly, she managed to resist taking home a rescue for 15 years before finally giving in!

Outside of her veterinary responsibilities, Melissa enjoys a variety of activities. She loves music and participates in choir singing, values quality time with her kids and family, enjoys beach outings, and is currently learning mountain biking.

Melissa's decision to join CAVH was influenced by her desire to be closer to her family in Sydney and the beach. The welcoming and supportive environment created by Matt and Danny, who even included her kids in her interview process, played a significant role in her decision to make the big move.

Her connection to the Dapto community is evident in her daily interactions, often running into clients during routine visits to the shops, much to the amusement of her kids.

A fun and intriguing fact about Melissa? She started her career as a large animal vet and once had the unique experience of stitching up a tiger!

Melissa Beardmore's extensive experience, passion for animal welfare, and diverse personal interests make her an invaluable member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Melissa Beardmore