Samantha Elliott, a devoted Family Vet at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital (CAVH), is a proud alumnus of Sydney University, graduating in 2017 with a BVSc and first-class honours. Her veterinary journey is marked by dedication and a passion for animal care, having worked as a nurse during her studies and as a small animal vet since her graduation.

Samantha's professional interests are diverse and specialized. She has additional training in exotics and wildlife medicine, having completed a course at Taronga Zoo and spending time at an exotics specialist clinic. Her expertise extends to veterinary abdominal ultrasound, along with emergency AFAST and TFAST procedures.

The most gratifying aspect of her job is witnessing the joyous moments when a previously unwell patient is discharged from the hospital. The excited reactions from both pets and owners are the heartwarming experiences that fuel her passion for veterinary care.

At home, Samantha's life is equally filled with animal companionship. She has three pets and a human toddler who amusingly thinks he's a dog! Louie, her Petit Basset Griffon, is a stand-up paddle boarding enthusiast. An exciting fishing incident has left Louie eagerly anticipating more magical fish appearances on the board. Frida, a foster fail fluffy tabby cat, became a permanent family member after being brought home as a sick stray kitten. Ladybug, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, enjoys walks but prefers to ride in the pram's bottom tray for the homeward journey.

Outside of work, Samantha cherishes spending time with her family, stand-up paddleboarding, snowboarding, reading, and relaxing at the beach.

Samantha's decision to join CAVH was influenced by her desire to work in a supportive vet clinic in her native Illawarra region, close to her family.

Her connection to the Dapto community runs deep, with several family members and friends residing in the area. She is an alumnus of The Illawarra Grammar School, further cementing her ties to the community.

An inspiring and unique aspect of Samantha's life is her congenital amputation, missing fingers on her left hand. Her journey as a veterinarian is a testament to her resilience and the supportive environment at CAVH, which has enabled her to thrive despite her disability.

Samantha Elliott's combination of professional excellence, diverse interests, and personal resilience make her a remarkable and integral member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Samantha Elliott