I founded Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital out of my profound love for animals and my dedication to educating owners about proper pet care. Above all, I cherish the opportunity to enrich people's lives through the joy and companionship their animals bring.

Matt Young is the dedicated founder and director of Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, a role that sees him overseeing the practice's operations and contributing his expertise to challenging cases and surgeries. A 1997 graduate with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney, Matt's veterinary journey spans various private practices, enriching his experience in both mixed and small animal practice.

Matt's career began in Leeton, where he worked in mixed practice, caring for a wide range of animals. He later transitioned to small animal practice, where he found his calling. His special interest lies in the diverse challenges of general practice, where he enjoys finding practical solutions to help families enjoy their pets for as long as possible.

One of the aspects Matt loves most about his work is being part of a pet's entire life journey, from their arrival as puppies or kittens to their final days. This full-circle care is something he finds profoundly rewarding.

At home, Matt's life is filled with a menagerie of animals, but his Dalmatian Lexi holds a special place in his heart. Lexi's intelligence and dexterity are showcased by her ability to open doors, leading to some creative home modifications! She's a constant companion at work, often claiming Matt's chair and never leaving without her daily pig ear treat.

Outside of his veterinary commitments, Matt enjoys spending time on his farm, tending to horses, goats, bees, and chickens, and occasionally indulging in trail rides. His establishment of Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital was motivated by a desire to provide high-quality veterinary services to the Dapto community, a place close to his heart where he grew up and attended local schools.

A fun fact about Matt? He's not only a tech nerd but has also recently developed a passion for beekeeping, adding another fascinating layer to his already diverse interests.

Matt Young's blend of extensive veterinary experience, dedication to his community, and diverse hobbies make him a respected and integral part of the Dapto community and the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Matt Young