Amy is a compassionate and skilled Veterinary Nurse at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital. With three years of experience as a vet nurse and an additional year as an animal attendant at CAVH, Amy has developed a deep understanding and passion for veterinary care. Her practical experience and dedication to animal welfare speak volumes.

Amy's favourite aspect of veterinary medicine is surgical preparation, an area where her meticulous attention to detail and care for animal patients truly shine. She relishes the opportunity to be part of the surgical process, contributing to the successful treatment and recovery of pets.

What Amy loves most about her job is watching patients grow over time and building lasting relationships with both the pets and their owners. These connections are at the heart of her work, bringing her immense satisfaction and joy.

At home, Amy's love for animals extends to her own pets. She has two dogs and two cats, including Piper, a stray who captured her heart when she was brought into the clinic. Amy's adoption of Piper from the RSPCA is a testament to her love for animals and her commitment to giving them a loving home.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys taking her dogs on various adventures, including visits to markets, the beach, and the park. These outings reflect her active lifestyle and her desire to provide the best experiences for her pets.

Amy's decision to join the CAVH team was influenced by her upbringing in the clinic, a place she has always envisioned herself being a part of. Her deep-rooted connection to the Dapto community, where she has lived her entire life surrounded by family and friends, further solidifies her bond with the area.

A fun and endearing fact about Amy? She humbly boasts a talent for skillfully placing catheters, a crucial and delicate task in veterinary care.

Amy's blend of hands-on veterinary experience, love for animals, community ties, and personal humility make her a valued and integral member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Amy-Grace Young