Jasmine Gauci is a dedicated and enthusiastic Veterinary Nurse at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital (CAVH), known for her keen interest in animal health and welfare. Her educational journey at Yallah Tafe includes completing Animal Studies II, Animal Studies III, and Veterinary Nursing IV.

Jasmine's professional experience in the animal care field spans over two and a half years. Before joining CAVH, she worked in doggy daycare and fear-free practices, which have significantly contributed to her approach in veterinary nursing.

Her special interests are particularly rooted in pathology and the study of cells. Jasmine finds the process of learning about different systems and outcomes in veterinary medicine incredibly fascinating.

The most rewarding part of Jasmine's job is witnessing the recovery and rejuvenation of pets under her care. Seeing animals regain their vitality and spark is what motivates her every day.

At home, Jasmine's life is filled with the love of her two cats, Ciri the Calico and Azazel the black cat. She shares an amusing story about Ciri; as a kitten, Ciri once managed to get lost inside a fold-out couch, leading to a tricky but successful rescue.

Jasmine's interests extend beyond her professional life. She is an avid fan of video games, board games, music, pop culture, and enjoys reading comics and manga. Her love for food, arts and crafts, and finding treasures in Op shops also make up significant parts of her life.

Her connection to CAVH began as a client, where she experienced firsthand the compassionate and patient care provided to her old dog. The clinic's fear-free approach resonated with her, cementing her decision to join the team.

Community involvement is also important to Jasmine. She has previously fostered animals for the Animal Welfare League and continues to support their initiatives, alongside her parents.

A fun fact about Jasmine? She loves Halloween and has a creative flair for making characters and stories, particularly for roleplay games like Dungeons and Dragons and Renfaire.

Jasmine Gauci's blend of professional dedication, diverse interests, and community involvement make her a unique and invaluable member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Jasmine Gauci