Meet Tahnee Doodeman, a spirited and versatile Veterinary Nurse at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital (CAVH). With her Certificate 2 in Animal Studies and Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing from Yallah Tafe, Tahnee brings over three years of diverse experience to the team. Her expertise spans surgical and medical nursing, diagnostics, and assisting vets in consults.

Tahnee's interest in pathology underscores her analytical mind - she finds the ability to uncover hidden health issues through blood work fascinating.

What truly lights up Tahnee's day is the bond she forms with her patients. She loves seeing pets remember and get excited to see her, and the joyous reactions of their owners. This connection is a constant source of smiles and laughter at the clinic.

Tahnee's home life is just as animated and full of love, with her self-professed 'crazy cat lady' status. She and her family share their home with seven cats, each with its own personality. Additionally, she has three dogs, including Archie the greyhound, a charming escape artist who often makes surprise appearances in the consult rooms. Archie's special bond with a foster cat named Athena highlights Tahnee's loving and nurturing nature.

Her hobbies are as eclectic as her personality. Tahnee enjoys fossicking for shiny rocks, expressing her creativity through painting, drawing, and photography, engaging in video games, and restoring guitars.

Her journey to CAVH began with fostering cats and dogs for a rescue group supported by the clinic. Tahnee's decision to join the CAVH team was influenced by the palpable passion and exceptional care she observed, making her feel like part of a family even before she officially started working.

Moving to the Dapto area was a new chapter for Tahnee, who grew up in the northern parts of the Illawarra. She appreciates the down-to-earth community and the rural charm of Dapto, where people treat their pets like family members.

A fun fact about Tahnee? She's ambidextrous, double-jointed, and has a knack for puns and dad jokes, which she assures are a 'pawsitive' addition to the clinic's atmosphere.

Tahnee Doodeman's blend of professional skill, quirky hobbies, and infectious humor make her a beloved and invaluable member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.