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Microchipping of litters of puppies or kittens

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Tortoiseshell Kitten on timber table getting microchipped by Bekky and being very smoochy

When registering a new litter of puppies or kittens it is now necessary to create an account online at the NSW Pet Registry Site (nb. In order to create an account you will need access to your email to verify your identity).

Once you have created your profile you will now need to generate a breeder number (this is what we use to link the litter to you).

Checking your Dog's Sleeping Respiratory Rate

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Westie Dog sleeping on a rug on a wooden floor and being timed

Having heart disease is not the same as heart failure. When the heart is failing there are treatments that can be given to help. Monitoring the resiratory rate is one simple tool we can use to help determine if the heart is failing and also monitor response to treatment.

Sometimes we may ask you to monitor your dog's resting respiratory rate. When your dog is relaxed and asleep we are less likely to have interference from things like excitement, fear or exercise.

How to do it

So this is what we need to do:

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

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Greg having a rest at the million paws walk

Greg was surrendered to us in March 2017 as a 9 week old puppy who was in a state of continual seizure activity. We suspected that he may have ingested some drugs as we could smell marijuana on him esp around his mouth when he arrived. It would be unusual for the marijuana itself to cause the seizures but it is possible that he had ingested other drugs that may have caused it such as crystal amphetamines. The marijuana may have even been given to him in an attempt to stop the seizures and now just contributed to his comatose state.

What is osteochondritis?

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An OCD lesion in a dog's knee (surgical view)

Osteochondrosis is a disease that occurs in young growing dogs that results in an interruption to the normal growth of bone and cartilage in the joints. There are multiple forms of osteochondrosis and the resulting effects depend on several factors including:

  • the joint/joints affected
  • the location within the joint
  • the severity of the defect
  • the degree of arthritis present in the joint

Some of the conditions that are caused by osteochondrosis include:

How will castration affect my cat?

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How will castration affect my cat? (black and white cat covering eyes with paws)

Uncastrated male cats are great but...

Let me first of all say that I love uncastrated male cats, otherwise known as tom cats. As a general rule toms tend to be more loving and affectionate towards people and they often have alot of personality. That being said, I would never own an uncastrated male cat and can't really understand why anyone would!

Why Not Own an Uncastrated Male Cat

Here's why:

Parvo Treatment- What it's like beind the scenes

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A black and tan puppy being treated for parvo

Take-Away Messages From This Video

  1. Successful Treatment of Parvo or Parvovirus involves a combination of:
    • fluid therapy to replace losses in the vomit and diarrhoea
    • anti-vomiting medication to reduce nausea
    • antibiotics to prevent secondary infections
    • early nutrition to help maintain the health of cells in the gut
  2. Parvovirus is highly contagious and treatment is required in isolation facilities using special PPE to prevent spread to other susceptible animals in the hospital. 

Myxomatosis: rabbit owners watch out!

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Protect your rabbit from mozzies, my old is about

What is Myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis is a caused by a virus that infects rabbits only. It is used for control of the feral rabbit population but can also affect pet rabbits. Infection is almost always fatal, and there is no vaccination available in Australia.

Infected rabbits developing swelling in the skin surrounding the eyes, on the ears and on the genitals. Eventually they will stop eating and then die from starvation.

The New CPV-2C Canine Parvovirus Strain and Vaccination- the facts

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french bulldog puppy in someones arms
  1. There are different variants of the virus in Australia including the 2C strain which was recently confirmed in dogs in South Australia and Victoria. 
  2. Vaccination is highly effective against all strains of canine parvovirus including the 2C strain.
  3. The vaccines we use are used globally in other countries where 2C has been identified for years and is protective there. The current vaccines have also been shown to be effective in challenge studies.


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