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Product review: Nexgard Flea and Tick Chews

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4.1-10kg box of Nexgard Chews

Nexgard is a monthly chew that has been recently registered for dogs to treat and prevent fleas and ticks including paralysis ticks.

Nexgard is the first oral product we have had available to us that will control ticks for the whole month. It contains a novel compound called afoxolaner and is manufactured in Brazil by Merial.

If you live in a tick area, travel to a tick area with your dog or if you have a dog that vomits with Comfortis tablets then Nexgard may be the ideal product for you.


The Nexgard is a chew. They are present in boxes of either a single dose, 3 pack or 6 pack. Inside the packet the Nexgard chew is contained in a package which has a peel off backing. The actual chew is not a bad size, it is not so big that it would be difficult to get a dog to consume it if it didn't like it. It has quite a beefy smell to it a bit like a beef stock cube. It feels moist to touch but doesn't fall apart easily. 

Inside packaging

inside the packet

A Nexgard Chew

The feedback I have been getting is that most dogs will eat the chew. If they don't chew it, you should break it up in a bit of food, not give it like a tablet, to ensure that it is absorbed from the gut. 


  • Excellent flea and tick killing activity for the whole month
  • Excellent palatability, most will eat it.
  • Can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age
  • Very low incidence of side effects including vomiting
  • Not affected by bathing or swimming


  • Can't be given to cats
  • Can't be used in pregnant or lactating bitches (it hasn't been tested in them)
  • Has to be chewed, dogs can't just swallow it whole
  • Can take up to hours to kill the fleas on the animal when first administered
  • As with any tick control product you still need to check your dog daily for ticks.


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