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Lydia Thurstan

Vet Nurse

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Lydia grew up at the back of Albion Park on a small property and she has always been surrounded by her own animals. Her first pet was a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Diesel and they grew up together. From then on, wherever Lydia was, you would find one of her many pets.

Ever since she was a little girl, it was her dream to become a vet and to save all the animals she could, throughout her schooling she decided Veterinary Nursing was a better suited career choice for her and in year 11 at Smith’s Hill Highschool she dropped out to pursue this.

Growing up Lydia had never been around cats and considered herself to be a “dog only” person. This changed soon after coming to work at Companion Animal Vets. Lydia is now dedicating her work to rescuing and rehoming stray or unwanted cats through the clinic and she has so far had many successes. Lydia is currently working with the Animal Welfare League to organise larger scale rescue programs for the Illawarra’s many colony cats.

At home Lydia has a very spoilt kitten named Arnie (After Arnold Schwarzenegger) who she also rescued as a tiny little kitten. Arnie is learning a range of tricks and will even spin for a treat! Lydia also has a rescue pup named Piper who she shares with Amy-Grace one of our other nurses.

When Lydia isn’t at work you will usually find her in the gym or going for a run. She plans to study personal training in 2022 alongside her Veterinary Nursing. Ask her about being vegan and she will talk for hours! Lydia also runs all of our social media platforms and our website! Send her pictures of your fur babies and they might have a chance for fame!

Lydia looks forward to meeting you and your furbaby and helping make your vet visit Fear Free.

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