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Stephen Curtis BVSc

Stephen Curtis

Family Vet

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Born in Alberta, Canada Stephen moved to Canberra with his family when he was eight year old 'to escape the cold'. Most of his childhood memories involve riding push bikes and making cubby houses in the local agistment paddocks with the rabbit chasing side-kick, Sasha the golden Cocker Spaniel. 

After school he did an number of different jobs and traveled for a bit, but after a few years, decided he'd like to try to get into vet. He sat some exams in Canada (thanks to his Mum for organizing it all) and started uni the following year. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 2003 and his first job was in North East Scotland, doing mixed (mainly farm) animal work. He stayed there for 2 years and stayed working in the UK (enough to fund the travel at least) for another couple years before drifting back to Australia.

Having developed a taste for the easy going life style of a locum vet, he worked a number of short term jobs before landing in Wollongong and meeting up with Belinda, a class mate from his uni degree. To cut a long story short, they now have three kids, with an other on the way, as well as 3 dogs, 7 goats, 5 lizards,1 snake, 4 chooks, 5 ducks and an old house.

Stephen says that "while I have really enjoyed the change of the last few years, it's fair to say that between, home repairs, family, church, work and animals, my life is definitely more hectic".

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