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Caring for your pets through the COVID-19 pandemic

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At Companion Animal Vets we share your concerns and know you will want to keep your pets happy and healthy as well.

Firstly let's make this clear- pets DO NOT appear to be infected with or carry COVID-19. But, it is possible that an infected person could leave viral particles on their pet just like any other surface.

We remain 100% commited to helping you care for your family pets. We have prepared a number of ways to overcome any potential concerns regarding risk to our team and to other members of the CAVH family whilebeing able to continue to provide you with top quality veterinary care.

Visit Screening

Any clients visiting are asked to let us know and not enter the building if:

  • they are in self-isolation,
  • have travelled overseas in the last 2 weeks or
  • have any signs that could be consistent with COVID-19 (fever, sore throat, cough)

Anyone with the above risk factors will still be able to get a veterinary visit for their pet. We would aks you to call us on 42 619 838 from the carpark so we can arrange a team member wearing appropriate PPE to come and collect your animal from the car. The animal will be bathed or isolated where approriate.*

If you are unable to leave the house

An initial triage consultation can be performed to assess your animal remotely. This will be a consultation with one of our vets via Zoom. An internet connection will be required. This may also be able to d=be done as a phone call depending on the circumstances.

If a physical visit is required a house call can then be arranged where your pet can be examined outside your premises with us using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. If necesarry the pet can be transported to our hospital or can be treated and then returned back to you.*

Do you require a medication repeat, a special diet or flea or tick treatment?

Please send an sms to 0439321443 to arrange a delivery of your medication to your door. The medication will be left within 2m of your front door for you to collect once our team members have moved away. A delivery fee of $11 will be required in addition to your medication cost. Pension and concession card holders will have this fee waived.

This offer is valid for delivery to any address in 2530

Can we help in any other way?

If there is any other area we can help you in please give us a call on 42 619 838, we are here and more than happy to help you through these difficult times.

* There will be a small fee in addition to any usual fees to cover the PPE equipment and bathing or isolation of your pet.

Get helpful hints and tips to help you care for your family pet

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